Genus Series | side show

Understanding the animal form, its relationships to other creatures, themselves and the environment are the explorations of this work. While they are clearly animal these figures eschew specific personalities/identities and portray beings from an alternate reality possibly created during an environmental disturbance or some genetic mix-up on earth. They are made of a mixture of beads, feathers, gauze, spanish moss, topsoil, and canvas evoking a particular mythopoetic relationship to nature.

Continually recreating themselves in a spite of adversity, these creatures within a Darwinian Construct are about survival, strength, endurance and ability to adapt. They co-exist in a universe that is accepting of their differences, since flux and constant change are now the norm of their society. the creatures now isolated from their environment are exhibited for a voyeuristic public (the viewer) not of their world. The viewer may not know or possibly care to understand the creature’s odd, misshapen bodies or their origins, but is asked only to witness this spectacle. Participating as the ultimate spectator, the public, insulated from the nightmare is invited to a side show and asked only to behold the deformity of each creature.

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